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Dave Pimper


Dave Pimper

Dave Pimper

Producer & Sales Coach


About Dave Pimper

A Proven Leader in the Financial Industry.

Dave Pimper has been a top producer in the Financial Industry for over 30 years. He has built his independent practice through many different sources of lead generation and appointment setting services.

Dave's ethical approach to prospecting, marketing and the sales process, concerning financial strategies, is unsurpassed. He is still in full daily production and also owns a professional coaching business, "Lazarus Coaching," where he works with financial producers, by phone, on a one-on-one basis.

His coaching programs are built on a fast track which enables the producer to maximize and execute their prospecting, marketing and sales potential. Dave has presented over 490 public seminars on many Financial Planning topics.

If you're motivated and want more insight on how our coaching programs will dramatically increase your production, give us a call for more information.


Social Security Expertise

Dave Pimper has devoted a great deal of time learning about Social Security and the various ways people can claim their benefits. This has given him a unique insight and education for finding the best time to claim Social Security for near and current retirees with this very important financial decision. Social Security seminars can be a great way to educate prospects and at the same time, meet with them to discuss all of their retirement options.

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