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Dave Pimper


Seminar Marketing

Get Insight From a Top-Notch Sales Coach.

You may have tried seminars in the past without satisfactory results or maybe you've never tried to market seminars and aren't sure if they're worth it. Either way, we've got you covered.

Dave Pimper, president of Lazarus Coaching, has personally conducted over 490 financial public seminars (and is still presenting many of them each year). Through his experience and seminar track, you can now feel secure in running incredibly successful seminars while avoiding many common mistakes.

Dave has taken the knowledge he's gained through years of trial and error as well as his years of experience as a top-notch sales coach and created turnkey Seminar Marketing Systems. His systems will walk you through everything you need to know, including:

  • One-on-one seminar coaching.
  • Finding and segmenting the correct demographics to mail to good prospective clients
  • Designing and mailing the invitation
  • How to set up the room to enhance the seminar
  • The presentation itself (what to say, how to say it)
  • How to set the appointment AT the seminar
  • How to follow up to keep those appointments
  • and Much More!

Contact Dave today to learn how to make his system work for you!


Accelerate Your Production

Watch Dave Pimper, Producer & Sales Coach, talk about why seminars are so effective for independent producers and learn how to accelerate your production from a proven leader in the industry.

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